TSRC Leaders Attend AARC Leadership “Boot Camp”

Jennifer Anderson, AARC House of Delegates Treasurer; Mary Hart, TSRC President; Karen Schell, AARC President; Richard Hernandez, TSRC Vice President

President Hart would like to thank the TSRC for sending them to the AARC 2019 Leadership Boot Camp.

It was an amazing two days of digging in and learning more about our state society and leaving with tools to help us all be more successful. The information shared with us and the opportunity to network with other states was priceless

President Mary Hart

Topics presented included:

  • Engaging students
  • Understanding bylaws and elections
  • Effect board practices
  • What the AARC does for me
  • Engaging and working with members
  • Finance 101

Also, Dr. Karen Schell, AARC President, inspired, encouraged and challenged us to all to be more caring, committed and collaborative in our journey to grow our profession.

The TSRC welcomes all Texas RCPs and RT students to become more involved in our state society. We are here to support the needs of our members, provide education/seminars, networking opportunities, and promote our profession. If you are interested and want to learn more about how to get involved, please contact President Mary Hart. Remember our Board meetings are open to all Texas RCPs!

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