Student Council Information.

The TSRC is proud to announce the formation of the TSRC Student Council. The Council comprises students who want a voice in the state society and the profession. Students enrolled in respiratory therapy programs are invited to join the council. If you want more information or to join, email with your name, school, email, and cell number.


Raquel Gutierrez Chair of the TSRC Student Council

Rachel Gutierrez


"I am a first year master's student in the respiratory care program at UT Health San Antonio. I am excited to be part of the inaugural student council because students are the future to bringing changes in respiratory care. We have the ability and voice to attribute to a field that is rapidly growing and that is desperately needed in our healthcare. I hope to build connections with other respiratory therapists and healthcare providers so we can use our inter-professional collaboration to provide wholesome care to our patients.

Wendy Romero, Student Council Secretary

My name is Wendy Romero, and I am a student at Midwestern State University. I will be graduating Spring 2025 with a Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Care. I am eager to work with my fellow council members to address issues that are important to students, plan events that promote advancement in the profession, and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. Being part of the student council also gives me the chance to develop my leadership and teamwork skills, which will be valuable not just in school but in my future endeavors as well. I am looking forward to networking with other students as well as with practicing professionals and learning from them as much as I can.

Wendy Romero, Student Council Secretary
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