“Keeping Safe in the Fast Lane: 5 Things to Remember”

by Dr. Mark Millard, Medical Adviser

Texas Society for Respiratory Care

Mark Millard MD
Mark Millard, MD
  1. Follow the Rules. This isn’t the time to be freelancing or cutting corners when your health / life and those around you could be jeopardized.
  2. Keep your Distance. The comradery of healthcare often lends itself to hugs and high-fives. Thumbs up and a smile may be more appropriate for the moment.
  3. Wash your Hands for 20 Seconds. Singing Happy Birthday twice gets boring; how about a chorus of the old favorite “Staying Alive”?
  4. Beware of Fake News. In a crisis, the disruptive effect of purposefully inaccurate social media can sow seeds of fear and discord. Know whom you can trust… and it may not be the internet.
  5. Hold your Head Up High. As a respiratory therapist, you are a critical piece in providing intensive and effective care to the gravely ill. Your work makes a huge difference!