2021 AARC House of Delegate Student Mentorship Program

The 2021 HOD Student Mentorship Program took place as a virtual meeting. Three respiratory care students were chosen by the AARC Student Mentorship Program Committee. Each attendee provided a few statements about their experience with HOD Student Mentorship Program.

Ayesha Waseem, David Floyd, and Michael Ruiz

David Floyd
Second year student at Collin College 

The AARC House of Delegates Student Mentorship Program provided me with insights on how important decisions are made concerning the maintenance and improvement of the respiratory care profession. The topics discussed in this meeting are important to the future of our careers, so it is vital we have representation and participation from each state. I was pleased at how actively engaged and friendly each delegate was, both to the students, but also to each other. There was respectful discourse, even in disagreement, and it was clear how every perspective was appreciated for the issues voted on. Although there was a lot of information covered, I was mostly able to follow the conversation. There were even moments when the students were given an opportunity to voice our opinions, which enhanced the experience.  I imagine the following House of Delegates meetings will only provide a more exciting experience for students as we hopefully move to an in-person conference. It is apparent how invested the delegates are in students becoming involved members in our state respiratory organizations and becoming the future of the AARC House of Delegates. The opportunity to become involved in the TSRC is there for you to take!

Michael Ruiz
First year Master of Science in Respiratory Care Student at UT Health-San Antonio

It was a privilege and honor to be invited to attend the 2021 AARC’s House of Delegates meeting. I was amazed with how much work and effort is involved in this organization; not to mention how much advocation is done by the delegates for their constituents. It was interesting to see how the organization was able to adapt to a unique circumstance that prevented in-person meeting, but still managed to provide an immersive experience. I also appreciate having the opportunity to network with many state delegates willing to share their endless knowledge on respiratory care. I would highly recommend this to any of my fellow students and future peers. I am very thankful to have been part of this experience and I hope that one day, I too, can become a Texas state delegate

Ayesha Waseem
Second year Student at Collin College 

My name is Ayesha Waseem, and I am a student at Collin College in McKinney, TX. I was honored to be chosen to attend the 2021 AARC’s House of Delegates virtual Congress meeting. It was a very forthcoming and learning experience. The meeting was very informative, and I was able to learn about all the different efforts that are being made to advance respiratory care. I am very grateful for this experience and really enjoyed my time as part of the Congress. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working alongside these members and continuing to be a part of the respiratory care community.